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Master Freeware
Collection CD #10
Contents: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14
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CD-ROM #10 Contents

This CFS “Master Freeware Collection” CD-ROM comprises an outstanding selection of more than 200 freeware programs plus their supported files. Please note that some programs are only free for non-commercial use.

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CFS CD #10



Main Listing

  1. 2Copy v4.00 – a Windows Clipboard extender
  2. 2xExplorer vR7x – a superb Norton Commander-style file manager
  3. 30+ Free Patience v1.0 – 30 Java-powered solitaire card games
  4. 3D DesertRun v1.2a – race around the desert with lethal hover cars hot on your tail
  5. AbiWord v0.9.2 – an open-source, fully featured word processor
  6. Absolute HTML Compressor v1.11 – optimizes HTML files by removing unwanted code
  7. ActivIcons v3.11 – customizes the Windows desktop icon and cursor attributes
  8. AD-aware v5.1 – detects and removes ads from from advertising-supported software
  9. AddTime v1.0 – add or subtract time (in base-60)
  10. akFontViewer v3.2 – displays the fonts installed on a computer
  11. AmiWeb v2.0 – a safe and customizable Web browser for children ages 4 to 11
  12. aSc Network Clipboard v1.0 – copy and paste across a network
  13. Atomica v2.3 – a one-click information service
  14. AutoIt v2.60 – scripting language which simulates key presses, mouse movements, etc
  15. Bank It! beta 1 – guess if the next number will be higher or lower than the last
  16. Banner Crafter v1.020 – creates sensational animated GIF banners
  17. BaseZone v1.01 – a shooter where you have to destroy the other person's base
  18. Bezier v1.0 – creates simple two-node bézier curves
  19. Bible Researcher v2.00 – a useful Bible study tool
  20. Blaiz Synthesiser v1.00 – a midi (MID) music player
  21. BossKey v2.00 – creates up to 10 virtual desktops
  22. Boulder Dash – a 1993 version of Boulder Dash
  23. Boulder Dash 2000 – DOS clone of this wonderful old game
  24. Brookside Logoff v1.5.1.3 – on-click utility to log off a user
  25. CD Madness v2.52 – quick and easy access to all CD-ROM options and services
  26. CD'n'Go! v1.89 – comprises a Digital Audio Extractor, an Audio Compressor & File Tagger
  27. cdTree v1.1.5 – creates a catalog of the files and directories on CDs
  28. Cerberus FTP Server v1.5 – a multi-threaded FTP server
  29. CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v3.0 – cheats for over 3,600 PC-based games
  30. Chimer v1.00 – an antique-style chiming desktop clock
  31. Click-N-Type v1.4 – an on-screen virtual keyboard designed for anyone with a disability
  32. Clicksearch v1.0 – Internet search tools combined in a bowser-integrated toolbar
  33. ClickTray Calendar v2.51c – a desktray-based PIM with a calendar
  34. CoffeeCup Free HTML v6.0 – Wizard-driven Webpage creation tool
  35. CoffeeCup Zip Wizard v2.0 – Wizard-driven archiving tool using ZIP compression
  36. Compose v1.64 – easily access non-keyboard characters
  37. Connect 4 v1 – line up four buttons (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) to win
  38. Copy&Trim v1.2 – cuts spaces/tabs from lines of Clipboard text to clean up the output
  39. Countdown 99 v1.7 – calculates the years, months, days, hours, etc to or from any date
  40. Cowtris v2.00 – an amusing spoof on Tetris using cows as the theme
  41. Cult v2.03 – an RPG maze-game where you must investigate a dangerous religious cult
  42. Currency Converter v2.1 – converts between over 220 currencies
  43. Dart 'm Up v1 – a digital dartboard game
  44. Davar v1.0 – Hebrew dictionary & lexicon for the Old Testament language & modern ivrit
  45. Directory Lister v0.3 – lists all the files in selected directories on any drive
  46. DirectSeek v2.3 – simultaneously queries search engines to get back search results
  47. Download Accelerator Plus v4.3 beta – speeds-up browser-based downloads, with resume
  48. DreamKeys v1.2.3 – powerboosts the keyboard by adding shortcut keys
  49. DS Clock v1.11 – a fully customizable digital desktop clock with sounds, etc
  50. EasyPeg v1.0.4 – a photo editor and thumbnail gallery creator
  51. EditPad Lite v4.2.1 – an excellent ASCII text editor
  52. Energy Ball v1.3 – a fast-paced arcade game with a glowing ball full of explosive energy
  53. ePrompter v1.04 – checks up to eight e-mail accounts simultaneously
  54. ESBCalc v2.01 – scientific calculator with infix notation, brackets, scientific functions, etc
  55. Escape From Camp Dangerous v1 – a platform game
  56. ETextViewer v2.0.0 – an ASCII text reader for large (10MB+) text files or eBooks
  57. EzVoice v1.1 – a telephone answering machine which offers up to 10 voice-mailboxes
  58. FancyFax v1.1 – creates fancy fax cover sheets
  59. Fast IQ Test v2.3.0 – a MasterMind clone, discover a hidden 4-digit number
  60. FavSearch v1.5 – searches your Internet Explorer favorites
  61. Final Frontier Space Battles v1.2 – a thinking man's space shooter
  62. FindEXE v1.0 – locates executable files with conventionally 'un-executable' file extensions
  63. FileSweeper v1.1 – searches through a selected drive to find unnecessary files
  64. FirstStop WebSearch v2.0 – customizable multi-search engine
  65. Frames Maker v3.00 beta – make frames for Web pages with simple point 'n click
  66. Free Solitaire v4.0 – 10 solitaire cardgames
  67. Furious George in The Summer of our Discontent – fun US Presidency game
  68. Future Player v1.02 – an excellent MP3 player
  69. Game of Numbers v3.51 – MasterMind clone where you guess the computer's number
  70. Game Maker v4.0 – creates sophisticated games by simply dragging ’n dropping objects
  71. Gradient Thief v1.00 – creates a multi-color gradient swatch image
  72. Graph Tablet v3.0 – prints blank graph paper for students and crafts
  73. Hamsin Clipboard v3.02 – a Clipboard extender which saves the last 10 clips (incl images)
  74. Hunt On Foxes v0.61 beta – a Minesweeper-style game
  75. iCee Graphic Viewer v2001.8.3 – an image, movie and text file viewer
  76. ImageForge v2.97 – a complete paint program with all the necessary basic tools
  77. Indian Commander in Robot Confrontation v1.1 – 2D side-scrolling action platform game
  78. Internet Turbo Button – increase download speeds up to 300 percent
  79. Is this... the end? v1.8 – a shoot-em game up inspired by Galaga and Space Invaders
  80. iView v3.0 – a fast image viewer
  81. JOC Web Finder v2.40 – searches for information on the Web
  82. JoystickCursor Control Tool – use the joystick instead of using cursor keys, etc
  83. Keyboarding v1.5.0 – lists over 2,900 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 95/98/ME/2K, etc
  84. KeyNote v1.03 – flexible, multi-featured tabbed notebook
  85. KiwiWord v1.4 – a RTF (Rich Text Format) word processor
  86. Kothello v1.0 – an Othello game for 1 or 2 players
  87. Little Ben v1.05 – plays the chimes of Big Ben every hour on the hour, or quarter hour
  88. maplay 1.2+ v1.81 – superb audio decoder of MID, AU, WAV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, etc files
  89. MemoClip v1.35 – a Clipboard stacker
  90. MetricImperialConverter v1.2 – converts metric units to imperial units and back again
  91. MIDInight Express v2.5 – an emulated wavetable MIDI player and MIDI to WAV renderer
  92. Mind-Boggling Fractals Lite v2.3 – creates fractals using Mandelbrot and Julia sets
  93. Minute Timer v1.0 – simple desktop count-down timer and alarm
  94. MoNooN Bible Reader v1.0 – an e-book which includes the full KJV Bible text
  95. MPower v1.2 – frees system memory automatically (at a preset maximum)
  96. MS-DOS Directory Changer v1.0 – replaces the MS-DOS 'CHDIR' or 'CD' command
  97. Multi Search and Replace v2.0.0 – replaces characters (or words) in one or more files
  98. PC Diagnose v1.00.029 – checks the speed of various hardware on a PC
  99. PhotoCDBrowser v2.71 – creates self-running or manually controlled slideshows
  100. PictureClip v2.0.0 – cuts an image into small, individual picture files
  101. Print Screen 2001 – activates the PrnScn (Print Screen) button
  102. pongdeluxe v1.0 – a clone of the classic Atari 'Pong' game but in 3D
  103. Quick Hide Windows v1.0 – hide or close any or all windows on the desktop
  104. Quick ShutDown v2.0 – shutdown, reboot or logoff a Windows session
  105. RegCleaner v4.2.0.772 – removes old and obsolete Registry entries
  106. RememberIT v1.0 – a combined note book & address book
  107. Rockfall v1.0 – a puzzle, similar in concept to the Repton & Boulderdash games
  108. Saucer Attack v2.0 – frenetic-paced space shooter
  109. ScriptMaker v1.6 – produces professionally formatted screenplays for film and TV
  110. ScriptureTicker v1.0 beta – displays verses or prayers at the top of the monitor screen
  111. Servant Salamander v1.52 – file manager with twin viewing windows
  112. SFX Maker v2.5 – converts ZIP files to self-extracting EXE files
  113. SimFero v2.5 – a desktop gunfight which requires fast reflexes and a sure eye
  114. Sint Nicolaas v1.4 – a run 'n jump game about Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa Claus
  115. SmartDownload v1.4 – resumes paused or broken FTP downloads
  116. SmartFTP v1.0 – transfers files across the Internet (FTP)
  117. Space Invaderz v1.1 – a clone of the well known 'Space Invaders' game
  118. Splitter v3.0 – splits large files/folders into preset sizes to fit on to floppy disks, etc
  119. Stacker Blocks 3D v1.0.02 – Tetris-style falling blocks' game using Direct3D
  120. Stackomania v1.6.1 – a challenging and logical card game
  121. Stick – a button-bar program launcher
  122. Stone's WebWriter v3.5.2 – an excellent HTML source code editor
  123. Strata 3Dbase v3.5 – creates raytraced 3D models, images, animations and Web content
  124. Stupid Fax v1.1.0.12 – receives faxes which are automatically routed and printed
  125. Super Gravity Balls v1.0 – rotate colored blocks to match them up with moving balls
  126. Super Methane Brothers v1.2a – use a methane gun to capture baddies
  127. System Restore Remover Pro v1.5 – safely removes Windows' System Restore in WinME
  128. System Safe Gold v5.5.2001 – 3 applets: FileScan, System File Lab, & Install Guard
  129. Tech Launcher v1.0 – easy access to many hard-to-find system utilities
  130. TeeChart Office v0.95 beta – professional quality charting and plotting tool
  131. Tetrismania v1.2 – an excellent Tetris clone for 1 to 3 players
  132. Text Effects v1.00 – generates 3D, multicolor, shaded, rotatable text
  133. The Apatic Bird Game v1.0.0 – shoot 'em up set on a lonely island infested with evil birds
  134. The Real 3D Shooter v1.1 – hit large letters which bounce around the screen
  135. The Television v1.0 – receives streaming Internet-TV and radio
  136. Time Zone Converter v1.52 – shows local time in 4,801 cities throughout the world
  137. Top Dawg HTML Editor v2.5 – an HTML source code editor plus stand-alone FTP client
  138. Trojans First Aid Kit v5.01 – detects and removes 737 trojans (virus-like programs)
  139. Turbo Navigator v1.46 – powerful Norton Commander-style file manager
  140. UltimateZip v2.0.2 – a file archive manager
  141. UnFREEz v2.0 – creates animated GIF images
  142. Universal Explorer v2.2 – a powerful Windows Explorer replacement
  143. vanBasco's Karaoke Player v2.50 – player of Karaoke (KAR) and standard MIDI files
  144. Verado: The IT Security Game v2.0 – protect a computer network from determined hackers
  145. VirtualDesk v2.0 – a virtual desktop manager with up to nine individual desktops
  146. WebAssist v1.2 – a catalog of hundreds of useful Websites
  147. WebCopier v2.5 – copies entire Web sites and stores them locally
  148. Web Hunter v2.0 – compiles a list of Websites for later contacting or cataloging
  149. WebStripper v2.03 – downloads Web pages or sites so they can be browsed offline
  150. Whisset v1.02 – an audio/video player
  151. Wilkanoid v1.52 – a sensational Arkanoid/breakout game
  152. Windows Registry Guide v3.0a – tricks, etc for optimizing & enhancing Windows
  153. Winpulse v0.4.5 – a Win32 resources indicator
  154. WinTweak 2001 v2.0 – offers hundreds of tips 'n tricks to get the best from Windows
  155. X-Fonter v2.02 – install/uninstall and view TrueType fonts (TTF)
  156. xLines v1.2 – line up same-colored balls to remove them
  157. Xtractor Plus v3.5 – archive extraction utility, can simultaneously extract multiple ZIP files
  158. XXCOPY v2.60 – a logical extension to the DOS command, XCOPY
  159. Yatzay v2.1030 – a single-player dice game (like Yatzee)
  160. Zelda Classic v1.84 – a clone of the 1986 classic game, 'Legend of Zelda' (ad free)
  161. Zelda Classic v1.90 – a clone of the 1986 classic game, 'Legend of Zelda' (adware)
  162. Zoner Draw v3.0 – a fully-functional, professional quality vector graphics editor

Essential Programs


  1. Aladdin Expander v5.1 – expand ZIP, ARJ, ARC, UUE, SIT, BIN, HQZ & GZ files
  2. Aladdin' Stuffit Expander v6.0 – expand ZIP, etc (as above) plus BZIP & LHA files
  3. Arachnophilia v4.0 – excellent source code HTML editor
  4. DirectX v8.0 the latest version of this necessary tool
  5. Eudora v5.0 – e-mail client (both Light & sponsored versions included)
  6. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
  7. FilZip 2000 v1.60 – superb file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc
  8. Get Smart v0.67c BETA – multi-thread resumable ftp client
  9. Internet Explorer v6.0.2600 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  10. Internet Explorer v4.01 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  11. Internet Explorer v3.02 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  12. More Properties v2.02 – control the Windows desktop
  13. Netscape Communicator v4.76 – browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  14. Netscape Navigator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  15. Net Vampire v3.3 – best way to download files from the Net (with resume feature)
  16. PowerZip v4.5 – excellent file archive tool (use it to unzip these files)
  17. Visual Basic 4 32-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  18. Visual Basic 5 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  19. Visual Basic 6 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  20. Visual Internet Relay Chat – chat client with a walk-through for new users
  21. WebFerret v3.5001 – simultaneously submit your request to Net search engines
  22. Windows Media Player v6.4 – for Windows 95 use
  23. Windows Media Player v7 – only suitable for Windows 98, Win Me, & Win 2000
  24. WS_FPT LE – the best way to upload files to a server
  25. ZipCentral – excellent file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc

Win 3.1 & DOS

  1. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
  2. Internet Explorer v5 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  3. Internet Explorer v4.01 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  4. Netscape Communicator v4.08 – browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  5. Netscape Navigator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  6. Spell Checker for Edit Boxes v3.0 – add-on spell checker with 10 dictionaries
  7. Stuffit Expander v1.0 – for unzipping Win3.x files
  8. Visual Basic 100 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  9. Visual Basic 200 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  10. Visual Basic 300 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  11. Visual Basic 4 16-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library

Bonus Programs


  1. e-Sword v4.0.0 – comprehensive Bible study tool which includes the KJV (King James Version)
  2. CorelDRAW® 9 Graphics Suite Service Pack 2 – program update (also Corel Photo-Paint 9)
  3. PowerArchiver 2000 v5.6 b2 – an archive manager with an impressive list of supported archives
  4. Target 2001! v8.0.3.79 – a schematic and PCB (printed circuit board) CAD program
  5. Watson's Card Game: 1001 – card game where you play against two computer opponents

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