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Master Freeware
Collection CD #12
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CD-ROM #12 Contents

This CFS “Master Freeware Collection” CD-ROM comprises an outstanding selection of more than 190 freeware programs plus their supporting files. It includes 43 games (this is over 25% of all programs on this CD)! Please note that some programs are only free for non-commercial use.

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CFS CD #12


Main Listing

  1. 404Browser v1.2 – an Internet Explorer-based Web browser
  2. AB Commander LITE v3.1 – a Norton Commander-style twin pane file manager
  3. AceFTP Freeware v2.0.4 – a powerful twin-pane ftp file manager
  4. Airy Secrets Lite v4.0 – a password manager and auto-typer
  5. AJ Sealed Designer v2.0 – a sub-woofer design program for sealed speaker box designs
  6. AM-DeadLink v1.31 – checks Web bookmarks for dead links and duplicates
  7. Arachnophilia v5.0 – Java-based source code HTML editor
  8. Automatic Site Submitter v1 – submits a Web site to 100 search engines & directories
  9. Batchrun v4.1 – a GUI-based batch file creator
  10. Beatles Forever v1.70 – an electronic Beatles songbook
  11. Beth's Math Art v3.0 – draws Mandelbrot-set and Julia-set images
  12. Bible Verse v2.0 – decorates desktop wallpaper with verses from the Bible
  13. BigCryple v1.11 – a mathematical strategy game
  14. Billiards Esnuka v2.1 – billiards, pool, snooker & three original games
  15. Birthday v3.30 – a birthday reminder with advanced search facility
  16. Bobber v1.0 – creates animated 2D sprites for games, etc
  17. Box Runner v2.0 – a Lode Runner clone which has over 40 levels
  18. Breakanoid v1.0 – a Breakout clone with lot of levels, bonus power-ups, etc
  19. Burn to the Brim v2.0 – determines how to ideally fit files & folders on a CD-R
  20. Calendar Magic v11.0 – a cornucopia of calendar-related information
  21. Captura v1.0 – a screen capture and save (as JPG) utility
  22. Cash Register v3.32 – turns a PC computer into a fully functional cash register
  23. CastlePaste v1.02.4 – offers quick access to pre-defined lines of text
  24. Clicking v1.1 – earn points by clicking the clusters of like-colored blocks
  25. Click-N-Type v2.0 – an on-screen virtual keyboard for someone with a disability
  26. Commander Alex – Commander Keen with a Dutch political theme
  27. Color Explorer v2.5.0 – a powerful color picker
  28. Cool Slider v1.07 – a game similar to "Bubble Puzzle"
  29. Creative Adventure Toolkit v2.85 – creates interactive text adventure games
  30. Crossword Cracker Lite v1.0 – a tool to solve crossword puzzles
  31. CSBar v2.2 – a replacement for the searchbar provided by IE
  32. CyberLat RAM Cleaner v1.1.3 – frees RAM to make more available to programs
  33. Cyclanoid v6.0 – a tile-based puzzle like a 2D version of Rubik's Cube
  34. Delphad v1.9.4 – an RTF & ASCII text editor with embedded HTML viewer functions
  35. Dialup Companion v2.0 – monitors dial-up Internet connections
  36. DialTone v2.04 – a complete multifunction integrated telephony suite
  37. Dll Orphans v1.0.0 – checks through your Registry for orphaned entries
  38. DS Clock v1.2.1 – a fully customizable digital desktop clock
  39. Easy Memory v4.45 – a multiplayer ‘Concentration’ game
  40. Editor2 v2.0.0.7 – an extremely small NotePad replacement
  41. EDXOR v1.33 – a tiny ASCII text editor and NotePad replacement
  42. eXtended FDisk v0.9.3 Beta – a boot and partition manager
  43. FirstStop WebSearch v2.4 – a customizable multi-search engine
  44. Font Compare v1.0.0 – compare up to three installed TrueType fonts
  45. Fresh Diagnose v3.75 – analyzes & benchmarks your computer
  46. Fresh Download v3.25 – file download manager
  47. Fresh UI v2.40 – a system configuration or ‘tweaking’ utility
  48. FTPEdit v3.0 – an HTML source code editor
  49. Gatorman v2.1 – NCAA football spoof featuring the Florida Gators
  50. Get Bin Laden! v1.035 – a superb 3D action shooter
  51. Glowing Traces v1.0 – a challenging puzzle game
  52. Hornado v2.0 – a side-scrolling space shooter
  53. HTML Webmaster v2.1 – an HTML source code editor
  54. IconFilter v1.7.7.3 – extract icons from the EXE, DLL, exe files
  55. Iconoid v3.0.9 – dynamically hides and shows desktop icons
  56. IE Booster v1.4 – extends the context menu of the IE Web browser
  57. Joy GapleCard v2.7 – an Indonesian card game, similar to Dominos
  58. JPEG ReSizer v2.1 – resizes batches of JPG images
  59. JR Split File v1.2 – splits a large file into smaller files for transport
  60. KeyNote v1.3.5 – a notebook designed as a pen & paper replacement
  61. K-Meleon v0.6 – a Web browser based on Gecko (the Mozilla rendering engine)
  62. Lemmings@War v1.2 – a strategic turn-based action game
  63. MacroMaker v1.0.3.1 – automates nearly all computer functions
  64. Mastermind v1.00 – a superb clone of the famous game
  65. Maxeed Attack v2.00 – a high tech space shooter
  66. MDINotepad v1.9a – a Windows Notepad replacement
  67. MIDInight Express v2.6 – a real time, emulated wavetable MIDI player & MIDI to WAV renderer
  68. Minimizer v1.04 – minimizes any program to the desktray
  69. Miraplacid Salmonster v1.0 – a 3D puzzle where you control a Salmonster
  70. Mousotron Pro v3.3 – a mouse and keyboard activity meter
  71. MPEG Audio Scissors v1.4 – can cut and join segments of MP3 files
  72. Mutilate Swapfile Wiper v1.0 – keeps your sensitive data out of the wrong hands
  73. MyFormat v1.4.1 – does a low-level format, even on a "dead" 1.44MB floppy
  74. NetUno v0.09a – the classic, fast-action card game
  75. NoteKeeper v0.6.1 – a multi-functional hierarchical information manager
  76. Opera v6.01 – fast Web browser with e-mail client, etc
  77. OrganizeME v1.0 – a Personal Information Manager (PIM)
  78. P3dO Explorer v1.5.3 – 2D image viewer supporting over 40 different image types
  79. Penguins 2000 v1.02 – a fun "dynamic/puzzle" game
  80. PhotoCDBrowser v2.80 – creates slideshows for CDs, etc
  81. Piano v1.0 – a simple 8-note keyboard piano
  82. Pixia v2.4g – a full-color photo-editing program
  83. Poker Patience v1.1 – a cross between poker and patience
  84. Quick Convert v1.11 – converts between metric & imperial measures
  85. Quick Launcher v1.1.0.3 – launch programs by clicking on a desktray icon
  86. QuickSysInfo v1.0 – displays system information
  87. Ramdisk v1.3 – displays the used and total RAM
  88. RegShot v1.55 – displays Registry changes (eg after a program has loaded)
  89. Reg-Unreg-OCX-DLL-EXE v1.0 – registers & unregisters Windows' system files
  90. Roman Numeral Converter v2.0 – converts Roman numerals into numbers
  91. Safari v1.0 – a simple African shooting gallery game
  92. ScanDL v1.22 – simplifies downloading files from the Net
  93. Scribble Pad v3.00 – accesses often-used (boilerplate) text
  94. Selida v1.5.29 – an HTML source code editor and viewer
  95. Sketchy! v1.1 – a fun snow sledding game
  96. SokoMind v3.4 – a fabulous Sokoban-type game
  97. Songs-DB v1.0 – a digital-music manager
  98. Space Galaxy v1.2 – a Space Invaders clone
  99. Space Hawk v1.0 – a futuristic space gravity shooter
  100. Square-Off v1.2 – a very addicting mind game (like Minesweeper)
  101. Stackomania v2.4.7 – a challenging and logical card game
  102. Startup Delayer v2.0 – delays the startup of programs which load with Windows
  103. Super Sumo Wrestling 2002 v1.0 – become the coveted 'Yokozuna' (best sumo wrestler)
  104. sUSHi v2.0 – n ASCII text editor designed for programmers
  105. Test Path v1.3 – checks a CD-R against its source
  106. Test-Run by BB® v2.1.1 – runs a trial program installation
  107. Tetrix v1.80 – a multifunction Tetris game with 32-bit graphics
  108. Top Spy v1.1 – a simple and fast strategy board game
  109. Tracker Helpdesk v1.0.1 – a Helpdesk call logging program
  110. Triple Triad v1.0 – an usual two-player cardgame
  111. TS-AudioToMidi Converter v1.07 – converts realtime sounds to MIDI-events (notes)
  112. TSW WebCoder International v2.0 – an HTML source code editor
  113. UncleGED v3.04.092 – a GEDCOM (genealogy file) file viewer and converter
  114. Unforgiven Organizer v25 – a Personal Information Manager (PIM)
  115. VidiDrives v1.0.0.6 – offers fast and easy access to all computer drives
  116. Viking Siege v1.0 – an ancient Norse board game based on 'Hnefatafl'
  117. Virtual Drive Creator v1.0 – substitutes a drive letter for a path
  118. W3e 2000 v9.1.3 – an HTML source code editor
  119. WazTree II v0.08 – a file manager & Windows Explorer replacement
  120. WebCopier v2.8a – copies entire Web sites and stores them locally
  121. We-Blocker v2.0 – Internet filtering software
  122. WinStars v1.0 – a virtual planetarium
  123. Wizmo v1.0 – an all-purpose utility
  124. Worderizer v1 – an IE add-on which offers a word-based Web search
  125. WXTide32 v2.7 – predicts ocean tides and currents for 8,500 stations world-wide
  126. Xanadu v1.00.10 – translates words & phrases from/to over 60 languages
  127. XXCOPY v2.80.3 – a logical extension to the DOS command, XCOPY
  128. ZipItFast v2.0 – a skinnable archive manager
  129. Zwei-Stein Video Editor v3.01 – a fully functional video editing & compositing system

Essential Programs


  1. Aladdin Expander v5.1 – expand ZIP, ARJ, ARC, UUE, SIT, BIN, HQZ & GZ files
  2. Aladdin' Stuffit Expander v6.0 – expand ZIP, etc (as above) plus BZIP & LHA files
  3. Arachnophilia v4.0 – excellent source code HTML editor
  4. DirectX v8.0a for Windows 95 users
  5. DirectX v8.1 the latest version of this necessary tool
  6. Eudora v5.1 – e-mail client (both Light & sponsored versions included)
  7. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
  8. FilZip 2000 v1.60 – superb file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc
  9. Get Smart v0.67c BETA – multi-thread resumable ftp client
  10. Internet Explorer v6.0.2600 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  11. More Properties v2.02 – control the Windows desktop
  12. Netscape Communicator v6.2.1 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  13. Netscape Communicator v4.79 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  14. Net Vampire v3.3 – best way to download files from the Net (with resume feature)
  15. Pegasus Mail v4.01 – an e-mail client for use by single or multiple users
  16. PowerZip v4.5 – excellent file archive tool (use it to unzip these files)
  17. Reg-Unreg-OCX-DLL-EXE v1.0 – registers & unregisters Windows' system files
  18. RICHED20.DLL v3 – needed for Windows 95
  19. Visual Basic 4 32-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  20. Visual Basic 5 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  21. Visual Basic 6 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  22. Visual Internet Relay Chat – chat client with a walk-through for new users
  23. WebFerret v4.0000 – simultaneously submit your request to Net search engines
  24. Windows Installer Redistributable – a program installer which works with MSI files
  25. Windows Media Player v6.4 – for Windows 95 use
  26. Windows Media Player v7 – only suitable for Windows 98, Win Me, & Win 2000
  27. WS_FPT LE – the best way to upload files to a server
  28. ZipCentral – excellent file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc

Win 3.1 & DOS

  1. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
  2. Internet Explorer v5 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  3. Netscape Communicator v4.08 – browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  4. Pegasus Mail for DOS v3.50 – an e-mail client for use by single or multiple users
  5. Spell Checker for Edit Boxes v3.0 – add-on spell checker with 10 dictionaries
  6. Stuffit Expander v1.0 – for unzipping Win3.x files
  7. Visual Basic 100 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  8. Visual Basic 200 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  9. Visual Basic 300 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  10. Visual Basic 4 16-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  11. Windows Media Player v5.2 beta for Windows 3.x use
  12. WS_FPT LE the best way to upload files to a server

Bonus Programs


  1. Ada Towers v1.00 – a great solitaire cardgame
  2. Add/Remove Plus! v1.1 – an enhancement to the Windows' Add/Remove Programs applet
  3. Beleaguered Castle v1.0 – a freeware cardgame (with instructions) from Solitaire King
  4. Canfield v1.0 – a freeware cardgame (with instructions) from Solitaire King
  5. Carvin v1.0 – a great little action game
  6. Contact Master v1.0 – an address book and contact-management program
  7. Date Calculator Plus – handy date and finance calculator
  8. ‘Display Bitmap Files’ screensaver v1.5 – use your BMP images as a screensaver
  9. Event Calendar v1.01 – simple but effective personal information manager
  10. Gif TV v1.1 – a quick and easy GIF file viewer which supports animated GIFs
  11. Golf v1.0 – a freeware cardgame (with instructions) from Solitaire King
  12. Leaper v1.0 – a classic DOS arcade game
  13. InfoSeek’s QuickSeek v3.2 – adds a search button to a Netscape or MSIE browser
  14. Label Creator 2000 Beta 16 – creates CD labels & sleeves for CD jewel boxes
  15. Mem Viewer v2.17 – gives a visual presentation of the memory available
  16. Midi Hymns – an archive containing 891 hymns in Midi format
  17. Nice Notes v1.5 – stores notes (pieces of text) like an electronic notepad
  18. Pyramid v1.0 – a freeware cardgame (with instructions) from Solitaire King
  19. QuickBars v1.0 – button-bar program launcher
  20. Skwyrul Pro v3.5b – a notes and information manager
  21. Space Invaders – an exact clone of the classic 1980s arcade game
  22. St Helena v1.0 – a freeware cardgame (with instructions) from Solitaire King
  23. Taipei v3.10 – Mahjong tile game, with original Chinese tileset
  24. WebZard HTML v1.1 – an HTML source code editor

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