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Master Freeware
Collection CD #14
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CD-ROM #14 Contents

This CFS “Master Freeware Collection” CD-ROM comprises an outstanding selection of 180 freeware programs plus their supporting files. It includes two MS-Office compatible productivity suites, including the suite (an open source version of StarOffice by Sun Microsystems).

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CFS CD #14


Main Listing

  1. 123 Free Solitaire v5.9 – 12 solitaire cardgames
  2. 2xExplorer v1.4.1.8 – a Norton Commander-style dual-pane file manager
  3. 3D Clipboard v1.0.7 beta – a Windows Clipboard extender
  4. 602Pro PC SUITE 2001 v2001.0.02.0702 – a fully featured office productivity suite
  5. A1 Geo-Fit Game Pack v1.01 – a Tetris clone using triangular pieces
  6. A_dailyBackUp v2.9.7 – a file back up utility offering unlimited backup profiles
  7. Al's Home v1.0.0.6 – a comic shooter game set underwater
  8. Arkannoyed v1.0 – a hi-tech Arkanoid (Breakout) clone
  9. Atlas of Human Skeletal Anatomy v1.0 – a presentation of the human skeletal system
  10. Award-Me – submits a Website for about 300 awards
  11. Battlefleet Commander v1.1 – a WWII turn-based sea battle boardgame
  12. Beatles Forever v2.70 – an electronic Beatles songbook
  13. BenchMarX v4.0 – a system information tool (in 12 categories)
  14. BinText v3.0 – extracts text from any kind of file
  15. Black Star: Awakening v1.0 – a space shooter with ship upgrading
  16. BPaint v1.3b – a bitmap graphics editor
  17. CalcuWage v2.43 – a novelty program that calculates your wage, every second as you work
  18. Calendar Magic v12.0 – a cornucopia of calendar-related information
  19. CBN Assistant v2.2.3.27 – simplifies image color selection
  20. CDCallerID v1.1 – know who's telephoning before answering
  21. CD Catalogue v1.1 – creates a searchable catalog of the files on CDs
  22. CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper v1.5.0 – rips audio CDs to MP3 or WAV digital audio files
  23. ClipName v1.1.2.1 – a Windows’s shell extension which copies the full path of a file
  24. CloseIEx v2.6.05 – an Internet Explorer add-on
  25. Companies v1.0 – an excellent Monopoly-style boardgame
  26. Context ThumbView v1.0.b1 – a Windows Explorer context menu extension
  27. Cosmic Pool v1.1 – a 3D pool game played inside a cube in zero gravity
  28. Cult v2.04 – an RPG maze-game using diplomacy and negotiation
  29. Cult II: Federal Crime v1.0 – an RPG maze-game using diplomacy and negotiation
  30. Dark Woods 2 v1.0 – an ASCII-based 2D graphical adventure/puzzle game
  31. Desktop Calendar v0.3b – a calendar that sits on your desktop (like wallpaper)
  32. Dialog Box Assistant v1.01 – an enhancement to the "Open" and "Save As..." dialog boxes
  33. Diatris Game Pack v1.0 – a Tetris clone using diamond-shaped pieces
  34. Drive Rescue v1.9d – finds any lost and deleted data on a drive
  35. DRMenu v3.01 – a DOS-based menuing system
  36. Dynamical Passwords v1.0 – generates, manages and recovers passwords
  37. ETextViewer v2.1.1 – an ASCII text reader for large text files or eBooks
  38. EuroSinging v1.12 – a multimedia database for the Eurovision Song Contest
  39. Extract Emails v1.6 – extract e-mail addresses from files/folders on a PC
  40. Fantomizer v1.5 – an MP3 player with creative sound control
  41. F-Cutter v1.0 – a file splitting tool
  42. Fiearan's Day Out v1.0 – an Eggit clone arcade game
  43. FolderBox v1.10 – a Windows' Explorer add-on
  44. FracHunt v1.14 – a fractal renderer
  45. Free Tetrix v1.02.1 – a Tetris clone
  46. Freeware Finder v1.0 – search for freeware through the CFS Website
  47. Fresh UI v3.8 – a system configuration or ‘tweaking’ utility
  48. Gif Colour Mapper v1.01 – batch converts from one color to another in a group of GIF images
  49. Glass Checkers v2.21 – a classical checkers (draughts) game
  50. HandyFile Find and Replace v1.2 – find & replace text in any ASCII text-based files
  51. Hangkid v2.1 – a children's educational and interactive word game
  52. Hangman v3.0 – a computerized version of this classic word game
  53. Hits Radio Playlist Player v1.01 – listen to a playlist of MP3 files across the Net
  54. Howler v1.0 – a Pac-man style arcade game
  55. IceBreaker v1.2.1 – an action-puzzle game (inspired by Jezzball)
  56. IntelliEdit v1.0 – a Rich Text (RTF) & ASCII text editor
  57. IrfanView32 v3.75 – an excellent image viewer and editing tool
  58. Just Shoot the Thing v1.1 – a fun space shoot 'm up game
  59. Keyboard Logger Lite v1.1 – records keystrokes made on your computer
  60. Open and Save Dialogs Toolkit v2.0 – for programmers
  61. Magic Block v1.0 – a superb Tetris clone using colors, not shapes
  62. Mail Them v1.71 – a mailing list manager
  63. mdiNotepad v2.4a – a Windows Notepad replacement
  64. MetaProducts Download Express v1.3 – an Internet Explorer FTP plug-in
  65. Michael Jackson Browsing Pack v1.0 beta – an all-in-one set of 12 Internet tools
  66. Mihov Image Resizer v0.6 – batch resizing, rotating & converting images
  67. Mixed-Up Math v1.1 – a mathematical puzzle
  68. MoniDIR 2000 – monitors the changes that occur in folders on your computer
  69. NetMan v2.0 – monitors PCs in a Local Area Network (LAN)
  70. NetWatcher v2.0 – invisibly tracks sites visited with your Web browser
  71. Next Generation Sound – an MP3 player with slide-out panels
  72. Ninjets XF v0.47 – a shooter/RPG/fighter game
  73. Notepad And ½ v1.3.0 – a small Windows text editor, like Notepad, but with more features
  74. Note Keeper Lite v2.4 – a text-based information manager
  75. NotePadXP v1.0.0.113 – a stylish NotePad replacement and RTF editor
  76. NoteTab Light v4.9 – a superb ASCII text editor (NotePad replacement) and HTML editor
  77. OpenExpert v1.40 – configure filetypes with their own "Open With" submenu extension
  78. Openworld Flash Explorer v1.0.1.2 – extracts graphics, etc from Macromedia Flash files
  79. Paintball Party v1.0 – a multi-player battle game
  80. Path Creator v1.0.2 – creates a folder structure by simply typing in the path
  81. Pathfinders v2.0 – a combination maze, RPG & action game
  82. Personal Search Center v0.96.42 – a category-based Internet search tool
  83. PDFproducer v1.1 – coverts any TXT file into a PDF file
  84. PhotoCDBrowser v2.95 – create self-running or manually controlled slideshows
  85. Pirem TopSecret v1.2.0.2 – organizes & encrypts passwords, hyperlinks, etc
  86. PowerDesk v5.0.1.2 – a file manager and Windows Explorer replacement
  87. PrcView v3.6.2.1 – displays detailed information about processes running under Windows
  88. Project Planner-PE v2.0 – a project management tool
  89. PureText v1.2 – strips the RTF formatting (text color, font info, etc) from Clipboard text
  90. Quick Convert v1.11 – performs hundreds of metric & imperial conversions
  91. Quiz Master v1.0 – offering over 300 multi-choice questions in 6 categories
  92. RAM Def v2.3 – monitors and defragments RAM
  93. Rank Them v1.0 – monitors a Web site's ranking on popular search engines
  94. RefreshEm v1.0 – repairs the Windows' icon cache when it becomes corrupted
  95. Rockagotchi v2 – a Tamagotchi version of WWF's "The Rock"
  96. RQ Words v1.0.7 – a creative writing tool using the "magnetic writing" technique
  97. Senelang Touch Typing v1.0 – a tutoring program using Macomedia Flash technology
  98. She Dumped Me: The Video Game! v1 – a very funny spoof on dating
  99. Shelldrake Developer v2.1 – a multimedia authoring and animation program
  100. Ship Shape v1 – a high seas shoot 'm up game
  101. Simple Zip v1.0 – an easy-to-use archiving tool
  102. Softpit PC Search Light v1.3 – a document keyword search facility
  103. Software Audit Protection Program v2.0a – keeps track of software
  104. SokoSave v5.1 – a superb version of "Sokoban"
  105. Solitaire Maniac v1.4 – a collection of 27 solitaire cardgames
  106. Songs-DB v1.2.5 – a digital-music manager
  107. Space Inracers v1.0 – an intergalactic horse racing game
  108. Space Monopoly v1.2 – a game where you make money by buying & selling shares
  109. Strip Calculator v1.3 – a calculator with memory, percentage & ticker tape function
  110. StripMail v0.99f – strips the characters ">" and "|" from forwarded e-mails
  111. SUPA! Ninja v1.1 – a multi-level 2D platform/adventure game
  112. SurfinGuard Pro v 5.7 Beta 2 – protects PCs from virus-type activity
  113. System Safe Gold v6.01 – 3 integrated applets (FileScan, System File Lab, & Install Guard
  114. Tahoe Contact Manager v2.0.20 – a personal information manager (PIM)
  115. Tanks 3D v1.1 – a 3D action shooter game
  116. Titan v1.2 – small business software capable of running a store
  117. Title Bar Reader v0.2 – subtlety displays scrolling text in the title bar of the active window
  118. TrayPad v1.1 – a text editor application which can be 'hidden' in the desktray
  119. TreeSize v1.6.1 – gives the size of a PC's directory tree
  120. TSW WebCoder International v3.0 – an HTML source code editor
  121. TweakAll v3.0 – a Registry tweaking tool
  122. Ultimate Boot Disk v4.31 – a menu-driven computer startup disk (for Win95/98 only)
  123. Ultimate Boot Disk v4.31 – a menu-driven computer startup disk (for Win ME only)
  124. UninstallAbility v1.0 – regularly backs up the program uninstall Registry info
  125. Vaders 3D v1 – a frenetic Space Invaders clone
  126. VAMP Media Center v3.12 Beta – a suite of sensational multimedia tools and toys
  127. VidBox v2.6 – a stylish video/audio player
  128. Visual Control Panel v1.02 – access 13 of the major applets in the Windows' Control Panel
  129. Vive la Legion (demo) v1.2 – a 3D RPG game demo set in Morocco in the 1920s
  130. VIZup Optimizer v1.0 – a VRML 3D optimization tool
  131. WAmp Sapper v1.0 – a remake of the classic Minesweeper game
  132. WazTree II v0.093 – a file manager and Windows Explorer replacement
  133. Wilbur v2.10 build 10 – catalogs the files on a PC and then provides a search function
  134. WinErrs v1.0.0 – a database of 1,554 Windows' error codes & their definitions
  135. WinKeySim v1.00 – a keyboard macro utility which simulates virtually any keypress
  136. Xi-WARP v1.2b – bends and distorts any BMP or JPG image
  137. ZoneAlarm v3.1.291 – a personal Internet firewall

Essential Programs

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader v5.0.5 – read & print Acrobat PDF documents
  2. Aladdin Expander v5.1 – expands ZIP, ARJ, ARC, UUE, SIT, BIN, HQZ and GZ files
  3. Aladdin's Stuffit Expander v6.0 – expands ZIP, etc (as above) plus BZIP and LHA files
  4. Arachnophilia v4.0 – excellent source code HTML editor
  5. DirectX v8.0a for Windows 95 users
  6. DirectX v8.1 for Windows 98 & ME users
  7. Eudora v5.1.1 – e-mail client (both Light & sponsored versions included)
  8. Get Smart v0.67c BETA – ftp client which can split larger files for faster downloading
  9. Internet Explorer v5 16-bit – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  10. Internet Explorer v6.0.2600 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
  11. More Properties v2.02 – control the Windows desktop (Win95 only)
  12. Netscape Communicator v6.2.2 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  13. Netscape Communicator v4.79 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  14. Netscape Communicator v4.08 16-bit – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
  15. Net Vampire v3.3 – best way to download files from the Net (with resume feature)
  16. Pegasus Mail v4.01 – an e-mail client for use by single or multiple users
  17. Pegasus Mail for DOS v3.50 – an e-mail client for use by single or multiple users
  18. PowerZip v4.5 – excellent file archive tool (use it to unzip these files)
  19. Reg-Unreg-OCX-DLL-EXE v1.0 – registers & unregisters Windows' system files
  20. RICHED20.DLL v3 – needed for Windows 95
  21. Spell Checker for Edit Boxes v3.0 – add-on spell checker with 10 dictionaries
  22. Stuffit Expander v1.0 – for unzipping Win3.x files (do not use with long file names)
  23. Visual Basic 100 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  24. Visual Basic 200 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  25. Visual Basic 300 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  26. Visual Basic 4 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library (16- & 32-bit)
  27. Visual Basic 5 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  28. Visual Basic 6 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
  29. Visual Internet Relay Chat – chat client with a walk-through for new users
  30. Windows Installer Redistributable – a program installer which works with MSI files
  31. Windows Media Player v5.2 beta – for Windows 3.x use
  32. Windows Media Player v6.4 – for Windows 95 use
  33. Windows Media Player v7.1 – only suitable for Windows 98, Windows ME, & Win 2000
  34. WS_FPT LE 16-bit – the best way to upload files to a server
  35. WS_FPT LE 32-bit – the best way to upload files to a server
  36. ZipCentral – excellent file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc

Bonus Programs

  1. Ad-aware v5.83 – a multi spyware removal utility
  2. ClipPlus v3.6 – enhances the Windows' ClipBoard
  3. CopyText v2.2 – copy text to the Clipboard from listboxes, menus, etc
  4. Imp’s Desk List v1.03 – lists the desktop icons in your desktray
  5. Klik-A-Dir v1.6.2 – an alternative for exploring and maintaining your system
  6. v1.0.1 – a fully-featured office productivity suite
  7. TClockEx v1.4.2 – enhances the standard Windows' desktray clock

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