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Collection CD #4
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CD-ROM #4 Contents

Welcome to this special edition CFS CD-ROM. This edition comprises 115 freeware programs (some are only free for non-commercial use) from Completely FREE Software PLUS 67 free desktop Themes from ThemeCloud9 PLUS 16 screensavers from ScreenCraft (six of which are normally shareware but are free for purchasers of this CD-ROM!) PLUS 14 free startup-shutdown screens from ThemeCloud9 PLUS 2,600 (approx) free animated GIF images from Xoom.

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Free Software
– courtesy of Completely FREE Software

    Main Listing


    1. 123 Free Solitaire v3.4 – 5 solitaire cardgames, with the best graphics, sound, animation
    2. 1Jump v2.3 – a 'better' way of finding sites on the Internet
    3. Advanced Speed Typing v1.2 – specifically designed to speed-up typists
    4. All-Purpose Spell Checker (APSC) – will spell check whatever text is in its window
    5. Arkanoid For Win32 v1.1 – a 'Breakout' (ball and paddle or ping pong) game
    6. AxelWav v1.0 – a small, fast and simple to use WAV player
    7. CallCenter v3.5.7 – a superb fax, telephone and voicemail program
    8. Clean Disk Security v2.0 – overwrites previously deleted files to prevent undeletion
    9. CloseAll v1.1 – can close all open program windows with just one click
    10. Critec Accounting 98 – a professional accounting system, free for use on a single PC
    11. Command Prompt Facelift v0.75 – a much enhanced DOS command line for Win9x
    12. DMEXMenu v3.1 – Explorer add-on which adds right-click menu functionality
    13. Dr Goo v1.0 – a great, if not superb, platform game with an amusing theme
    14. Dr Goo 2: The Plague – tremendous platform game, sequel to Dr Goo
    15. Dr Goo 3: The Rubblebum War v1.0 – the third episode in the Dr Goo saga
    16. EasyASP v3.07 beta – an excellent source code editor for HTML, ASP and Perl
    17. eFX v0.4 beta – changes the look and feel of Windows by offering a selection of skinz
    18. ExtendedCharacterMap v1.4 – an enhanced CharacterMap
    19. EyeBrowse v1.5 – a great little super fast image viewer
    20. FastView32 v2.0 beta 2 – a file viewer which supports an impressive array of formats
    21. FTP-commander v2.01 – a basic ftp client, uses a split window to view local/remote files
    22. GetSmart v0.67a – ftp downloader, splits large downloads forsimultaneous downloading
    23. Graph Paper Printer v3.0 – create/print graph paper with Cartesian or polar coordinates
    24. Graph Tablet v1.0 – create graph paper using your own printer
    25. Home or Away v4.0 – creates a 'round robin' type sporting fixture
    26. Hookworm II v2.01 – one of the best looking and best animated worm-type games
    27. IrfanView32 v2.95 – image viewer with support for 33 different filetypes
    28. iSpeed v2.7.3 – optimizes MaxMTU setting, MSS, RWIN, TTL and NDI CacheSize
    29. KCS-Eplayer v1.01 – a simple audio CD player which is very small
    30. Link Dragger – creates HTML pages from links dragged to it
    31. Millennium Tray v1.1 – how many days, hours, minutes and seconds until Jan 1st, 2000
    32. Minos v2.2 – a sensational 3D CAD (computer aided design) program
    33. Multilingual Speaking Clock v1.2b – an alarm which lives in the desktray
    34. Netmate v1.3.2 – a wide variety of Net-based tools in one package
    35. Noughts And Crosses v1.0 – a two-player version of the old Tic-Tac-Toe game
    36. Obese Finger v1.0 – an Internet finger client with printable results, speed bar, etc
    37. Queue FTP v4.0 – a neat but not spectacular ftp client
    38. RecordIt v1.1 – record from an audio CD, or from an external microphone, in MP2 format
    39. ReplaceIt! v1.0 – quickly substitutes one text string for another
    40. Roll ’M Up Flipperkast – 3D pinball game from Dutch beer manufacturer, Dommelsch Bier
    41. Sanity Check For Your Screen v1.0 – a terrific screensaver manager
    42. Schedule v1.3 – a calendar program with built-in appointments list, to do list, etc
    43. ShootHill v1.0 – a rather basic 2-player shoot-em-up game
    44. Simon v1.0 – follow the sounds/lights in this fun game
    45. Swap File Overwriter v1.2 – protects the Win swap file from prying eyes by overwriting it
    46. Task Plus v1.5 – a terrific personal calendar and task manager
    47. TClockEx v1.3 – adds the date (long or short) to the Windows' desktray
    48. Tek Screbble v1.23 (revision 12) – a fun way of leaving messages on your screen
    49. Tek Unit Converter v3.11 – one of the best weights and measures converters
    50. The FreeBible v1.2.0 – a sensational reference version of the KJV Bible
    51. The Home Bartender's Guide v1.0 – a listing of 145 separate drinks with ingredients, etc
    52. TweakJr 99 v2.2 L_E – tweaks up the Registry by accessing usually hidden adjustments
    53. Visual Bookmarks v1.0 – a program for presenting bookmarks/favorites in a visual form
    54. Visual Contact v1.24 – an address book with letter writing assistant, e-mail, etc
    55. WarShip v1.0 – excellent version of the old "Battleships" game
    56. Web-O-Rama v6.33 – a HTML source-code editor; with loads of features
    57. WinNc v1.31 – "Windows Native Commander", an excellent Norton-like file manager
    58. WinWhois v2.04 – a whois client
    59. XaraCube v2.0 – a screensaver which allows you to add your own bitmap images
    60. ZIPonaut beta-version 0.6 – creates jewel case labels of file directories

    Win 3.1 & DOS

    1. Access v4.53 – an excellent GUI-style DOS menuing system
    2. Auto Magic v1.1 – an automobile maintenance log book
    3. Bible Information System v3.00 – a Bible search program which reads ASCII text files
    4. Bible Screensaver v1.0 – uses quotes from the Bible together with abstract images
    5. Calmira II v3.0 – a sensational Win95-style shell for Win 3.1
    6. Home or Away v3.0 – creates a 'round robin' type sporting fixture
    7. Monday Backup v1.5 – a useful tool to save critical files first boot-up on Mondays
    8. Munchy Island – 3D game to help teach young children use the computer keyboard
    9. Partition Resizer v1.30 – resize or move a hard drive partition
    10. PilgrimQuest II DEMO – game demo based around the Mayflower & the Pilgrim Fathers
    11. Rottus' Bricks v1.1 – excellent 48-level puzzle game based off the Polish game, Klocki
    12. ShortKeys Lite v1.5c – a macro-style utility for text replacement
    13. Steam v1.0 – calculates the properties of steam or water

    Essential Programs


    1. Aladdin Expander v5 – expands ZIP, ARJ, ARC, UUE, SIT, BIN, HQZ and GZ files
    2. Arachnophilia v4.0 – excellent source code HTML editor
    3. DirectX v8.0a for Windows 95 users
    4. DirectX v8.1 the latest version of this necessary tool
    5. Eudora v5.0 – e-mail client (both Light & sponsored versions included)
    6. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
    7. Get Smart v0.67c BETA – ftp client which can split larger files for faster downloading
    8. Internet Explorer v5 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    9. Internet Explorer v4.01 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    10. Internet Explorer v3.02 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    11. More Properties v2.02 – control the Windows desktop
    12. MSDun v1.3 – Microsoft dial-up network (DUN) upgrade
    13. Netscape Communicator v4.75 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
    14. Netscape Navigator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    15. Net Vampire v3.3 – best way to download files from the Net (with resume feature)
    16. PowerZip v4.5 – excellent file archive tool (use it to unzip these files)
    17. Visual Basic 4 32-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    18. Visual Basic 5 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    19. Visual Basic 6 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    20. Visual Internet Relay Chat – chat client with a walk-through for new users
    21. WebFerret v2.7 – simultaneously submit your request to 9 Net search engines
    22. Windows Media Player 2 v6.0 – for RealAudio/lVideo (~v4.0), QuickTime, AVI, WAV, etc.
    23. WS_FPT LE – the best way to upload files to a server
    24. ZipCentral – excellent file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc

    Win 3.1 & DOS

    1. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
    2. Internet Explorer v5 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    3. Internet Explorer v4.01 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    4. Netscape Communicator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
    5. Netscape Navigator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
    6. Spell Checker for Edit Boxes v3.0 – add-on spell checker with 10 dictionaries
    7. Stuffit Expander v1.0 – for unzipping Win3.x files (do not use with long file names)
    8. Visual Basic 100 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    9. Visual Basic 200 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    10. Visual Basic 300 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    11. Visual Basic 4 16-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library

    Bonus Programs


    1. Borneo v1.6 – small yet powerful, HTMLsource code editor
    2. FBS Client Side Image Mapper (CSIM) v1.0 – makes image maps for the Internet
    3. FreeTheme v1.1 – a freeware Theme loader for Windows 95
    4. Linkman v2.55 – manage Internet Bookmarks or Favorites
    5. Past, Present & Future v1.1 – provides a 3 month view around the current date
    6. QuickPage v1.2 – terrific HTML source code editor
    7. SchizoSigz! v2.1 – an e-mail signature generator

– courtesy of ThemeCloud9

    1. AfricanOdyssey (World Visions)
    2. Arachnoid (Animals/Insects)
    3. Barbed (Abstract)
    4. BaublesAbundant (Seasonal/Christmas)
    5. Be My Valentine! (Seasonal/Valentine)
    6. Bed of Roses (Flowers & Plants)
    7. Big Cats (Animals/Wildlife)
    8. Blue Angel (Transport/Flight)
    9. Boats Boats Boats! (Transport/Afloat)
    10. Boot, Saddle, to Horse and Away! (Animals/Horses)
    11. Bruised! (Art Themes)
    12. By Rail (Transport/Railways)
    13. By Sail (Transport/Afloat)
    14. Cars of Yesteryear (Transport/Vehicles) courtesy of ThemeCloud9
    15. Castle Eire (Scenics/Castles to Cathedrals)
    16. Cheetah! (Animals/Wildlife)
    17. Chocolate Angel Tray (Foodstuffs)
    18. Chopper One (Transport/Take Flight!)
    19. Devon Heaven's Harvey (Animals/Cats)
    20. Early America (World Visions)
    21. Easter Love (Seasonal/Easter)
    22. Elephant Walk (Animals/Wildlife)
    23. Equine Winter (Animals/Horses)
    24. Faithful Heart (Christian)
    25. From the Word (Christian)
    26. Flowers of Heaven (Christian)
    27. Frost and Furbelows (Seasonal/Christmas)
    28. Gingerbread Christmas (Seasonal/Christmas)
    29. Golf View (Scenics)
    30. Harley Heaven (Transport/Vehicles)
    31. HeartSong (Christian)
    32. He Is Risen! (Seasonal/Easter)
    33. Horses In Clover (Animals/Horses)
    34. Jump For Joy (Animals/Horses)
    35. Lace in Bloom (Flowers & Plants)
    36. Lions! (Animals/Wildlife)
    37. Lovelorn Nerissa (Art Themes)
    38. Military Hardware (Military)
    39. NightLights (Scenics)
    40. Patchwork Quilt (Serendipity)
    41. Persian Blue (Animals/Cats)
    42. Planetarium (World Visions)
    43. Prayer of St. Francis (Christian)
    44. Reptile! (Animals/Wildlife)
    45. Say Yes! (Seasonal/Valentine)
    46. Skyways (Serendipity)
    47. SmoothSailing (Transport/Afloat)
    48. SomethingBeautiful (Christian)
    49. StPatrick Bears (Seasonal/StPatricks)
    50. SteamTrains x 3 (Transport/Railways)
    51. SunPennies (Scenics)
    52. SunsetFighter Wallpapers (Transport/Flight)
    53. SunsetHawaii (World)
    54. SwanLake (Animals/Birds)
    55. TeachUs (Christian)
    56. TeddyExtravaganza (Children's)
    57. TeddiesIn Love (Children's)
    58. TheBirds (Animals/Birds)
    59. TheBridge (Scenics)
    60. TheCarrier (Military)
    61. TheGift (Seasonal/Christmas)
    62. TheWedding (Serendipity)
    63. Treescapes (Scenics)
    64. Waterways (Scenics)
    65. WinterBlues (Scenics)
    66. Winter'sTale (Christmas)
    67. WolfPark (Animals/Wildlife)

Free Screensavers
– courtesy of ScreenCraft

    1. "ABC to Zee": 26 alphabet images to help teach your child the order of the alphabet (the saver is sequential, so the images appear in the correct order), as well as a few new words and sights!
      • Normally $10 (shareware). Registration code included on CD.
    2. "Baubles Abundant": 20 glittering jack-a-daw's delight images of Christmas decorations!
      • Normally $10 (shareware). Registration code included on CD.
    3. "By Rail": 20 steaming railway scenes for enthusiasts of train and track
      • Normally $10 (shareware). Registration code included on CD.
    4. "CCF Exhibition" (CCF): the cats who appeared in the "Exhibition" section of the CCF 1998 Online Cat Show
    5. "CCF Kits'nCats": 10 beautiful images of kittens and cats, with background music
    6. "Choclit 'n Cream": Chocoholics unite for these 20 sweet-toothed delights - guaranteednon-fattening!
      • Normally $10 (shareware). Registration code included on CD.
    7. Devon Heaven's "Kittens": 15 beautiful visuals of Devon Rex kittens
    8. Devon Heaven's "Portraits": 15 gorgeous Devon Rex cat images
    9. "Easter Glory": The Easter story - 15 scripture quotes with illustrations
    10. "Flowers of Heaven": 12 artistic floral impressions, with Scriptural quotes and music
    11. "Footsteps": Where feet have trod, both ancient and modern 20 intriguing footworn images
      • Normally $10 (shareware). Registration code included on CD.
    12. "From the Word": 15 awesome images illustrating the accompanying Bible verses, with music
    13. "Genesis" (CCF): 17 images & quotes from the Bible, depicting the Creation, with music
    14. "Harvest Of The Lord": God's bounty in brilliant colour21 images in total of thefruits of the field – with an embellishment here and there!
    15. "Heartsong": 15 images with pieces from songs and choruses, to make your heart sing to our Lord!
    16. "WolfPark #1": 18 wonderful wolf images! (Part of Wolf Park Spectacular which can be found at the ScreenCraft web site)
      • Normally $10 (shareware). Registration code included on CD.

Free Startup/Shutdown Logos
– courtesy of ThemeCloud9

    1. African Odessy (Animal Kingdom)
    2. Arachnoid (Animal Kingdom)
    3. Bed Of Roses (Fun & Flowers etc)
    4. Chopper One (The Tough Stuff)
    5. Christian Screens (Christian)
    6. Early America (The Tough Stuff)
    7. Elephant Walk (Animal Kingdom)
    8. Faithful Heart Screens (Christian)
    9. Heartsong Screens (Christian)
    10. Jump For Joy (Animal Kingdom)
    11. Lace In Bloom (Fun & Flowers etc)
    12. Military Hardware (The Tough Stuff)
    13. Smooth Sailing (The Tough Stuff)
    14. Steam Trains (The Tough Stuff)

– courtesy of Xoom

    • 2,600 (approx) animated GIF images suitable for Webpages

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