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Master Freeware
Collection CD #9
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CD-ROM #9 Contents

This CFS “Master Freeware Collection” CD-ROM comprises an outstanding selection of over 198 freeware programs (some are only free for non-commercial use). Included with this CD are “The CFS Editor’s Special Picks” which includes many of the programs which the CFS editor uses personally.

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Free Software

    Main Listing

    1. 2xEditor v1.1 – a compact editor/viewer to replace NotePad
    2. Abbie v1.1.0 – a Sokoban-style logical puzzle
    3. AD-aware v4.45 – detects and removes advertising in software
    4. AceHTML v4.22.2 – a superb HTML source code editor
    5. Alligator v1.3 – an excellent ftp download manager
    6. AnalogX Capture v2.01 – a quick-and-easy screen capture utility
    7. Arachne v1.70 – a graphical Web browser
    8. Art Plus Game of Memory v2.0 – a 'Concentration' style game
    9. ASCII Generator v0.9b2 – converts an image into a picture of text characters
    10. Atomic Clock Sync v1.0.3 – adjust a PC's clock to a time server on the Net
    11. BG_ASCII v1.3 – converts an image into an ASCII picture and create ASCII text
    12. Black Star: Dangerous Activity v1.0 – a logical action game
    13. Black Star: First Attack v1.4 – a space shooter with ship upgrading
    14. Blitz Boulders v1 – a logical puzzle game based off 'Boulder Dash'
    15. Bobo v2.00 – match up five characters to make them disappear
    16. BubbleBall v1.3 – create clusters of marbles to make them disappear
    17. Bugatron v1.02 – a Direct3D remake of the classic 80s shooting games
    18. ChatPad v3.0 – a simple text editor which can keep your notes
    19. CheckMate Plus v2.03 – a 'checkbook-based' double-entry accounting package
    20. chordWiz v1.0 – a guitarist's tool which displays over 1200 chords
    21. College Alarm Clock v1.02 – a 7-day alarm clock
    22. CoolTris v3.20 – a Tetris clone for 1 or 2 players
    23. Curve-A-Graph v1.9 – 2D & 3D version of the 1970's plastic toy, Spirograph©
    24. CyberSlugger v3.5 (American League) – US baseball-related trivia
    25. D4Sound v2.5 – analyzes sound and animates a display to reflect it
    26. DeskSweeper v2.0 – can hide all desktop icons
    27. DirList v1 – creates a list of the files in specific folder
    28. EasyRegSet v1.2.2 – tweaks up the Windows operating system
    29. eBay Auction Builder v1.6.1 – creates professional-looking ads for eBay
    30. EchoView Pro v6.0 – a suite of music calculating tools
    31. Empty Temp Folders v2.22 – easily empty folders which contain temporary files
    32. Eraser v5.0.1 – completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive
    33. ESB Country Editor v1.5 – display and edit information about most countries
    34. Euromat v1.8.16b – an office and currency calculator
    35. Excalibur v1.06 – an RPN-only calculator with nearly 300 functions
    36. FirstCap v2.1 – offers tremendous control over the CapsLock key function
    37. FirstStop WebSearch v1.03b – queries multiple Internet search engines
    38. Font Magic v1.0c – creates colorful 3D text from any TrueType font
    39. Game Maker v3.2b – creates sophisticated games
    40. gbPlot v2.5.189 – creates colorful plots of 3D equations
    41. Gedtrees 95 v1.02 – checks for errors in GEDCOM genealogy trees
    42. Girafa v2.08 beta – shows thumbnail images of links from a Webpage in IE
    43. Golden Pen v1.4 – a programmer's editor for both binary and ASCII files
    44. Good Keywords v1.4 – helps find the perfect set of keywords for your Website
    45. HiCDEject v1.0 – opens and closes the CD drive door by remote control
    46. Homp3 v2.53 – a playlist-centric MP3 player
    47. Hook99 v1.1.0.42 – customize the Start menu button with an icon or BMP image
    48. Hungry Snake v1.0.0 – the classic snake game for 1 or 2 human players
    49. Hyplay beta 1.0.0328.11 – a new generation DivX video player
    50. IBS Startup Editor v0.2 – control items that load with Windows
    51. ICS v1.06 – a Windows Helpfile offering Registry hacks & system tweaks
    52. Iconoid v1.6.2 – dynamically hide and show desktop icons
    53. IEradicator v3.1 – removes Internet Explorer from Win95 & Win98 systems
    54. ipAddress v2.41.0 – displays the IP address of the user's computer
    55. IP Address display v1.0 – displays the IP address of the user's computer
    56. IrfanView32 v3.33 – an excellent image viewer and editing tool
    57. James' CPU Checker v0022 – reports the speed of the computer's CPU
    58. Kaboom Organizer v5.5 – a full featured PIM (personal information manager)
    59. KwipChip v0.8 beta – a strategy board game for 1 to 4 players
    60. List2000 v1.04 – a replacement for the MS-DOS "DIR" command
    61. Magenta II Free Edition v2.0 – a powerful multimedia authoring tool
    62. Magic Player v1.5 – a skinnable multimedia player
    63. Master Volume v1 – a replacement for the volume control
    64. MemoWeb v3.05 – captures entire Web sites
    65. Moraff's MarbleJongg 2000 v1.10 – a 3D OpenGL Mah Jongg-style tilegame
    66. MPEG Audio Collection v2.50 – an MPEG file organizer & scanner
    67. Naval South Pacific War v1.11b – a naval real time strategy game
    68. NeoTrace Express – a visual TRACEROUTE & WHOIS tool
    69. NetAnts v1.23 – a resumable multi-thread FTP/HTTP download file manager
    70. Nonsense 2000 v1.045 – shoot/jump your way through 20 levels of action
    71. NotesPad v8.0 – a NotePad replacement with spell check
    72. Novamatic 2000 v2.0 – creates nova (light burst) graphic effects on images
    73. Odyssey of Col. Ranseier v2.6 – a fun game which includes a number of genres
    74. Offshore Sailing v1.001 beta – a fun 3D sailing game
    75. P3dO Explorer v1.4.2 – a 2D image viewer supporting over 40 image types
    76. PhoneDeck v1.01 – an address book which incorporates a telephone dialer
    77. PhotoCDBrowser v2.55 – creates self-running or manually controlled slideshows
    78. PhotoInvaders v1.0.4 – a Space Invaders clone
    79. PuzzPower v2.1 – a unique and addictive puzzle
    80. Qlock v1.44 – a world clock with Internet synchronization
    81. QuickDialer v1.12 – a small, fast modem dialer
    82. QuickResource v2.01 – displays free GDI, System, & User resources in an icon
    83. RC Unit Converter v1.10 – converts 41 units to/from non-metric/metric
    84. Recipe Search v1.0 – searches over 320,000 recipes from on-line databases
    85. RemoteKeys v5.8.5 – a tool to replace complicated key combinations
    86. Rescue from Space Invaders v3.0 – amusing tribute/sequel to Space Invaders
    87. Reztarter v01.00 – quickly restarts or shutsdown Windows
    88. Rob Blanc 3: The Temporal Terrorists – an RPG sci-fi epic
    89. RoughDraft v2.0 – a word processor with built-in spell checker
    90. RunModule v1.04 – an enhanced version of the Start Menu's "Run..." command
    91. Saucer Attack v1.1 – a frenetic-paced space shooter
    92. Scot Cunningham's Euchre v4.1.2 – a terrific card game
    93. Silent-Bob v1.1 – background-records what is played through the PC's soundcard
    94. Simple Concordance Program v4.0.4 – a concordance and word listing program
    95. Skull-Man v1.0 – a Pac-man clone
    96. SlowView Imagefileviewer v0.9.4 – image file viewer and editor with slideshow
    97. Space Duel v1.00.00 – a two-player (only) space shooter
    98. Splitter v2.3 – a large file and folder splitter (splits the file/folder into preset sizes)
    99. Spy Chaser v1.0 – a searchable database of over 760 ad-supported programs
    100. Stamp v0.7 – creates an official looking digital 'rubber' stamp or company seal
    101. Startup Control Panel v2.7 – configure which programs run on boot-up
    102. StripEm v1.0.0 – remove the >>> from e-mails
    103. Support Assistant v2.0 – collects information from your system for support staff
    104. Sure Delete v4.2.2 – completely removes data from your hard drive
    105. System Optimize v4.10 – optimizes a computer's performance
    106. Taskbar Executive v1.20 – adds new functionality to the Windows' taskbar
    107. The Koran v2.50 – a 3D presentation of the Muslim Holy book in English
    108. The Scroll, Bible Topics v3.0 – a multimedia study Bible offering 78 topics
    109. TIM v1.0.8 – creates 2-tier hierarchical structures of textual information
    110. Transparent GIF v1.0 – marks a color as being "transparent" in a GIF image
    111. TrayMenu v2.0.2 beta – button-bar launcher, places shortcuts in system tray
    112. Turbo Navigator v1.45 – a powerful Norton Commander-style file manager
    113. Uticasoft Image Browser v3.62 – an image viewer supporting many formats
    114. VCW VicMan's Photo Editor 5.71 – a powerful graphics editor
    115. Verado: The IT Security Game v1.0 – a fun 'shooter' type game
    116. Vertrix 2 v1.1 – a combat version of Tetris or Columns
    117. ViewletBuilder v2.6.0 – creates Java-based movie files
    118. ZipGenius v1.4 – a file archive manager
    119. WALL32 v1.0 – wallpaper generator showing Earth or Moon in real-time
    120. Watch v1 – a small clock which remains "always on top"
    121. Watson's World Time Clock v2.4 – display local time plus time in 4 other cities
    122. Webcelerator – speed-ups Web browsing
    123. WebCopier v2.2 – a multifunctional offline browser that copies entire Web sites
    124. WebMap beta 0_2_22 (Win95 version) – a visual (topographical) map of the Net
    125. WebMap beta 0_2_22 (Win98/ME version) – a visual map of the Internet
    126. WebTag v1.0 – an HTML source code editor
    127. Web Talkster v3.2 – an IE-based 'talking Web browser'
    128. Whisset v1.01 – an audio/video player
    129. Windows scanner v5.31 – a paint program (graphics editor) and image viewer
    130. Winerghia Light v1.0.12 – a Windows optimization tool
    131. Word Search v5.02 – create printed or HTML word search puzzles
    132. X-Fonter v2.01 – view installed TrueType fonts
    133. XXCOPY v2.44.4 – a logical extension to XCOPY
    134. Yankee Clipper III v0.99.8 – a terrific Clipboard memory/stacker

Essential Programs


    1. Aladdin Expander v5.1 – expand ZIP, ARJ, ARC, UUE, SIT, BIN, HQZ & GZ files
    2. Arachnophilia v4.0 – excellent source code HTML editor
    3. DirectX v8.0a for Windows 95 users
    4. DirectX v8.1 the latest version of this necessary tool
    5. Eudora v5.0 – e-mail client (both Light & sponsored versions included)
    6. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
    7. FilZip 2000 v1.60 – superb file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc
    8. Get Smart v0.67c BETA – multi-thread resumable ftp client
    9. Internet Explorer v6.0.2600 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    10. Internet Explorer v4.01 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    11. Internet Explorer v3.02 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    12. More Properties v2.02 – control the Windows desktop
    13. Netscape Communicator v4.76 – browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
    14. Netscape Navigator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    15. Net Vampire v3.3 – best way to download files from the Net (with resume feature)
    16. PowerZip v4.5 – excellent file archive tool (use it to unzip these files)
    17. Visual Basic 4 32-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    18. Visual Basic 5 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    19. Visual Basic 6 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    20. Visual Internet Relay Chat – chat client with a walk-through for new users
    21. WebFerret v2.7 – simultaneously submit your request to Net search engines
    22. Windows Media Player v6.4 – for Windows 95 use
    23. Windows Media Player v7 – only suitable for Windows 98, Win Me, & Win 2000
    24. WS_FPT LE – the best way to upload files to a server
    25. ZipCentral – excellent file archive manager; unzip files, create archives, etc

    Win 3.1 & DOS

    1. Eudora Light v3.06 – e-mail client (both 16 & 32-bit versions included)
    2. Internet Explorer v5 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    3. Internet Explorer v4.01 – web browser, e-mail client, etc
    4. Netscape Communicator v4.08 – browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
    5. Netscape Navigator v4.08 – web browser, e-mail client, webpage builder, etc
    6. Spell Checker for Edit Boxes v3.0 – add-on spell checker with 10 dictionaries
    7. Stuffit Expander v1.0 – for unzipping Win3.x files
    8. Visual Basic 100 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    9. Visual Basic 200 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    10. Visual Basic 300 runtime files Visual Basic runtime library
    11. Visual Basic 4 16-bit runtime files Visual Basic runtime library

Bonus Programs


    1. Abstractamation Mcatis v1.1 – meta tag generator to improve Net search hits
    2. Adobe Acrobat Reader v4.0 – a reader for PDF files
    3. BCM FaxPhone v1.0.0.1 – send and receive G3 fax messages
    4. Corel PhotoPaint 8 SP2 – Corel upgrade for PhotoPaint v8
    5. Decision Maker – prepare arguments for decision making in a logical way
    6. Netscape v6.01 – Web browser and accessories
    7. Nonsense Madness v1.6 – the sequel to Nonsense Trilogy (below)
    8. Nonsense Trilogy – an extremely funny shoot-em-up arcade game
    9. PCDJ PHAT – a jukebox player with dual MP3 digital mixing capabilities
    10. Planet Archive Manager (PAM) – a good zipping and unzipping archive program
    11. Rob Blanc I: Defender of the Universe v1 – an RPG sci-fi adventure game
    12. Rob Blanc II: Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence v1 – an RPG sci-fi epic
    13. Windows Media On-Demand Producer – for putting video on a Web site

    The CFS Editor’s Special Picks

    1. 1st QuickRes Light v1.6b – change screen resolutions on-the-fly
    2. AllChars v3.5 – offers quick access many non-keyboard characters
    3. CDmax v1.7.6 – an excellent audio CD player
    4. Cetus CWordPad v2.01 – word processor with multi-language spell checker
    5. ClipName v1.1 – copies the full path of a file to the Windows' Clipboard
    6. Cool Ruler v1.5 – a desktop ruler to measure images, etc on the screen
    7. Japos Auto Run v1.0.0.1 – automatically starts a program when CDs are inserted
    8. MDFolder v1.1 – creates a new folder in Explorer
    9. My Own Backup v2.1 – a superb GUI-driven data backup program
    10. RegCleaner v4.1 – removes old and obsolete Registry entries
    11. Regrun v1.50 – show/edit/delete programs started at first boot up
    12. Restart Windows v1.00 – an easy-to-use utility to restart Windows
    13. SecLock v3.0 – a password-protected utility to prevent use of a computer
    14. SwShell v1.1.005 – adds extra right-click features to Windows's Explorer
    15. Tree-Size v1.2 – gives the size of a directory tree
    16. Xteq X-Setup v6.0 – offers over 750 painless Windows' Registry tweaks

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